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An all-inclusive system with locked plating, screws, and instruments for animals weighing between 5 kg – 40 kg.

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Using the latest technologies, OsTi-Lok was conceived from the ground up for maximal implant versatility requiring minimal instrumentation. This system allows more surgeries with less inventory.

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P7H1Q-39 - TTA Plate 7M, MINI & OL
Can I Buy Phentermine In CanadaOsTi-Lok, Plates, TTA MINI & OL$91.79
TPLO Plate Small, Left
Phentermine 15MgTPLO, Full Product Lists$170.00
TPLO Plate 18-21mm, Flat
Phentermine Buy Online UsaTPLO$170.00
TPLO Plate Medium, Left
Phentermine Tablets BuyTPLO$190.00
TPLO Plate Medium, Right
Phentermine Online UsTPLO$190.00
TPLO Plate Large, Left
Can U Buy Phentermine In CanadaTPLO$210.00
TPLO Plate Large, Right
Phentermine 15Mg TabletsTPLO$210.00
TPLO Family. 6 Plates
Buying Phentermine OnlineTPLO$1,140.00
OsTi-Lok Fracture Lean Set
Phentermine PrescriptionsSets$5,336.00
OsTi-Lok Fracture Standard Set
Buy Phentermine A159Sets$7,560.00
OsTi-Lok Fracture Super Set
Phentermine Dr OnlineSets$8,249.00
OsTi-Lok Fracture & TPLO  Set
Buy Phentermine K25 37.5 MgSets$8,700.00
OsTi-Lok TPLO Set
Cheap Phentermine 37.5 PillsSets$7,416.00
OsTi-Lok Case
Buy Phentermine In Australia OnlineSets$600.00
PS-100 - Small Plate
Buying Phentermine Online CheapPlates, 13 Hole$165.00
PM-100 - Medium Plate
Phentermine Buy Online CanadaPlates, 13 Hole$196.00
PL-100 - Large Plate
Where Can I Buy Phentermine Online CanadaPlates, 13 Hole$230.00
PS16-100 - 16-Hole Small Plate
Phentermine Online From MexicoPlates, 16 Hole$210.00
PM16-100 - 16-Hole Medium Plate
Get Prescription Phentermine OnlinePlates, 16 Hole$245.00
PL16-100 - 16-Hole Large Plate
Order Phentermine Online Overnight DeliveryPlates, 16 Hole$283.00
PSHS-100 - High Strength Small Plate
Buy Phentermine 37.5 Mg CheapPlates, High Strength$190.00
PMHS-100 - High Strength Medium Plate
Purchase Phentermine 37.5 OnlinePlates, High Strength$215.00
PLHS-100 - High Strength Large Plate
Phentermine PaypalPlates, High Strength$240.00
PSSBQ-104 - Short Bridge Small Plate, Quad
Phentermine Online IndiaPlates, HS Short Bridge Plates Quad$190.00
PMSBQ-104 - Short Bridge Medium Plate, Quad
Get Phentermine Prescription OnlinePlates, HS Short Bridge Plates Quad$215.00
PLSBQ-104 - Short Bridge Large Plate, Quad
Buy Phentermine Uk OnlinePlates, HS Short Bridge Plates Quad$240.00
CPS-100 - Cross Plate Small
Order Phentermine Diet PillsPlates, Cross Plate$209.00
CPM-100 - Cross Plate Medium
Online Doctor Prescription PhenterminePlates, Cross Plate$233.00
CPL-100 - Cross Plate Large
Cheapest Phentermine OnlinePlates, Cross Plate$247.00
LS35-101-10 - Locking Screw, 3.5mm x 10mm
Phentermine Generic Buy OnlineLocking Screw 3.5mm$25.00
LS35-101-12 - Locking Screw, 3.5mm x 12mm
Buy Phentermine Hydrochloride OnlineLocking Screw 3.5mm$25.00
LS35-101-14 - Locking Screw, 3.5mm x 14mm
Order Phentermine From MexicoLocking Screw 3.5mm$25.00
LS35-101-16 - Locking Screw, 3.5mm x 16mm
Buy Phentermine 30Mg Capsules OnlineLocking Screw 3.5mm$25.00
LS35-101-18 - Locking Screw, 3.5mm x 18mm
Where To Buy Phentermine Online In UkLocking Screw 3.5mm$25.00
LS35-101-20 - Locking Screw, 3.5mm x 20mm
Phentermine Can You Buy OnlineLocking Screw 3.5mm$25.00
LS35-101-22 - Locking Screw, 3.5mm x 22mm
Order Phentermine 37.5 From CanadaLocking Screw 3.5mm$25.00
LS35-101-24 - Locking Screw, 3.5mm x 24mm
Reliable Online Pharmacy PhentermineLocking Screw 3.5mm$25.00
LS35-101-26 - Locking Screw, 3.5mm x 26mm
Phentermine 75Locking Screw 3.5mm$25.00
LS35-101-28 - Locking Screw, 3.5mm x 28mm
Phentermine To Buy In AustraliaLocking Screw 3.5mm$25.00
LS35-101-30 - Locking Screw, 3.5mm x 30mm
How To Buy Phentermine 37.5 MgLocking Screw 3.5mm$25.00
LS35-101-32 - Locking Screw, 3.5mm x 32mm
Phentermine Free ShippingLocking Screw 3.5mm$25.00
LS35-101-34 - Locking Screw, 3.5mm x 34mm
Buying Phentermine In CanadaLocking Screw 3.5mm$25.00
LS35-101-36 - Locking Screw, 3.5mm x 36mm
Buy Phentermine 375 MgLocking Screw 3.5mm$25.00
LS35-101-38 - Locking Screw, 3.5mm x 38mm
Next Day Phentermine DeliveryLocking Screw 3.5mm$25.00
LS35-101-40 - Locking Screw, 3.5mm x 40mm
Buy Phentermine 375 UkLocking Screw 3.5mm$25.00
LS35-101-45 - Locking Screw, 3.5mm x 45mm
Phentermine Canada BuyLocking Screw 3.5mm$25.00
LS35-101-50 - Locking Screw, 3.5mm x 50mm
Cheap Phentermine 37.5Locking Screw 3.5mm$25.00
CS35-101-10 - Compression Screw, 3.5mm x 10mm
Order Phentermine HclCompression Screw 3.5mm$22.00
CS35-101-12 - Compression Screw, 3.5mm x 12mm
Phentermine BuyCompression Screw 3.5mm$22.00
CS35-101-14 - Compression Screw, 3.5mm x 14mm
Buy Phentermine MexicoCompression Screw 3.5mm$22.00
CS35-101-16 - Compression Screw, 3.5mm x 16mm
Phentermine K25 BuyCompression Screw 3.5mm$22.00
CS35-101-18 - Compression Screw, 3.5mm x 18mm
Phentermine 45 MgCompression Screw 3.5mm$22.00
CS35-101-20 - Compression Screw, 3.5mm x 20mm
Where To Buy Cheap Phentermine 37.5Compression Screw 3.5mm$22.00
CS35-101-22 - Compression Screw, 3.5mm x 22mm
Buy Phentermine Online CanadaCompression Screw 3.5mm$22.00
CS35-101-24 - Compression Screw, 3.5mm x 24mm
Buy Original Phentermine OnlineCompression Screw 3.5mm$22.00
CS35-101-26 - Compression Screw, 3.5mm x 26mm
Order Phentermine 37.5 MgCompression Screw 3.5mm$22.00
CS35-101-28 - Compression Screw, 3.5mm x 28mm
Phentermine 15Mg Buy Online UkCompression Screw 3.5mm$22.00
CS35-101-30 - Compression Screw, 3.5mm x 30mm
Can You Buy Phentermine 37.5 Mg OnlineCompression Screw 3.5mm$22.00
CS35-101-32 - Compression Screw, 3.5mm x 32mm
Buy Phentermine GermanyCompression Screw 3.5mm$22.00
CS35-101-34 - Compression Screw, 3.5mm x 34mm
Phentermine No Prescription Next Day DeliveryCompression Screw 3.5mm$22.00
CS35-101-36 - Compression Screw, 3.5mm x 36mm
Phentermine 375 Where To BuyCompression Screw 3.5mm$22.00
CS35-101-38 - Compression Screw, 3.5mm x 38mm
Phentermine Online CanadaCompression Screw 3.5mm$22.00
CS35-101-40 - Compression Screw, 3.5mm x 40mm
Buy Phentermine DiscountCompression Screw 3.5mm$22.00
CS35-101-45 - Compression Screw, 3.5mm x 45mm
No Prescription Phentermine Fedex DeliveryCompression Screw 3.5mm$22.00
CS35-101-50 - Compression Screw, 3.5mm x 50mm
Buy Prescription Phentermine 37.5Compression Screw 3.5mm$22.00
LS27-101-08 - Locking Screw, 2.7mm x 08mm
Cheap Phentermine OnlineLocking Screw 2.7mm$25.00
LS27-101-10 - Locking Screw, 2.7mm x 10mm
Cheap Phentermine Next Day DeliveryLocking Screw 2.7mm$25.00
LS27-101-12 - Locking Screw, 2.7mm x 12mm
Buy Phentermine On AmazonLocking Screw 2.7mm$25.00
LS27-101-14 - Locking Screw, 2.7mm x 14mm
Cash On Deliver Phentermine OvernightLocking Screw 2.7mm$25.00
LS27-101-16 - Locking Screw, 2.7mm x 16mm
Buy Phentermine Online Uk OnlyLocking Screw 2.7mm$25.00
LS27-101-18 - Locking Screw, 2.7mm x 18mm
Phentermine 37.5 Tablets Where To BuyLocking Screw 2.7mm$25.00
LS27-101-20 - Locking Screw, 2.7mm x 20mm
Buy Phentermine K25 OnlineLocking Screw 2.7mm$25.00
LS27-101-22 - Locking Screw, 2.7mm x 22mm
Buy Phentermine Online AustraliaLocking Screw 2.7mm$25.00
LS27-101-24 - Locking Screw, 2.7mm x 24mm
Can I Buy Phentermine 37.5 OnlineLocking Screw 2.7mm$25.00
LS27-101-26 - Locking Screw, 2.7mm x 26mm
Buy Phentermine Tablets 30MgLocking Screw 2.7mm$25.00
LS27-101-28 - Locking Screw, 2.7mm x 28mm
Phentermine Australia BuyLocking Screw 2.7mm$25.00
CS27-101-10 - Compression Screw, 2.7mm x 10mm
Can U Buy Phentermine Over The CounterCompression Screw 2.7mm$22.00
CS27-101-12 - Compression Screw, 2.7mm x 12mm
Ordering Phentermine Online SafeCompression Screw 2.7mm$22.00
CS27-101-14 - Compression Screw, 2.7mm x 14mm
Buy Phentermine 15 Mg OnlineCompression Screw 2.7mm$22.00
CS27-101-16 - Compression Screw, 2.7mm x 16mm
Buy Phentermine A 159Compression Screw 2.7mm$22.00
CS27-101-18 - Compression Screw, 2.7mm x 18mm
Buy Phentermine ForumCompression Screw 2.7mm$22.00
CS27-101-20 - Compression Screw, 2.7mm x 20mm
Phentermine To BuyCompression Screw 2.7mm$22.00
CS27-101-22 - Compression Screw, 2.7mm x 22mm
Phentermine 40 Mg Buy OnlineCompression Screw 2.7mm$22.00
CS27-101-24 - Compression Screw, 2.7mm x 24mm
Phentermine Hydrochloride 37.5 Mg OnlineCompression Screw 2.7mm$22.00
CS27-101-26 - Compression Screw, 2.7mm x 26mm
Buy Discount Phentermine OnlineCompression Screw 2.7mm$22.00
CS27-101-28 - Compression Screw, 2.7mm x 28mm
Phentermine Buy Online IndiaCompression Screw 2.7mm$22.00
CS27-101-30 - Compression Screw, 2.7mm x 30mm
Phentermine Diet Pills PurchaseCompression Screw 2.7mm$22.00
CS27-101-32 - Compression Screw, 2.7mm x 32mm
Buy Phentermine 37.5 Mg UkCompression Screw 2.7mm$22.00
CS27-101-34 - Compression Screw, 2.7mm x 34mm
Phentermine Yellow Capsules To BuyCompression Screw 2.7mm$22.00
CS27-101-36 - Compression Screw, 2.7mm x 36mm
Buy Cheapest Phentermine OnlineCompression Screw 2.7mm$22.00
CS27-101-38 - Compression Screw, 2.7mm x 38mm
Where Can I Buy Genuine Phentermine OnlineCompression Screw 2.7mm$22.00
CS27-101-40 - Compression Screw, 2.7mm x 40mm
Buy Phentermine Diet Pills Online UkCompression Screw 2.7mm$22.00
AODB27-100 - AO Drill Bit for 2.7mm screws
Cheap Phentermine No RxInstrumentation$60.00
AODB35-100 - AO Drill Bit for 3.5mm screws
Phentermine Online Pharmacy MexicoInstrumentation$60.00
T10SHAFT - AO Driver Insert, T10
Phentermine Weight Loss Pills OnlineInstrumentation$40.00
SDT10-100 (PU) - Screwdriver, T10
Buy Phentermine Tab 37.5MgInstrumentation$80.00
DG-100 - Drill Guide
Buy Phentermine LocallyInstrumentation$40.00
DGL-100 - Locking Drill Guide
Purchase Phentermine 30 MgInstrumentation$40.00
SG40-100 - Screw Gauge, 40mm
Buy Phentermine GncInstrumentation$70.00
SG40-110 - Screw Gauge, 40mm
Phentermine Hcl 37.5Mg Buy OnlineInstrumentation$100.00
AGNS-100 - Angled Grip Nut, Small
Buy Genuine PhentermineInstrumentation$40.00
AGNM-100 - Angled Grip Nut, Medium
Phentermine Without Rx FedexInstrumentation$40.00
AGNL-100 - Angled Grip Nut, Large
Phentermine 50 30Instrumentation$40.00
GNS-100 - Grip Nut, Small
Phentermine Free Usa ShippingInstrumentation$40.00
GNM-100 - Grip Nut, Medium
Buy Phentermine With PrescriptionInstrumentation$40.00
GNL-100 - Grip Nut, Large
Phentermine Online DoctorsInstrumentation$40.00
GNH-100 - Grip Nut Handle
Can You Buy Phentermine In CanadaInstrumentation$40.00
BDL-100 - Cross Node Bender
Phentermine Get Prescription OnlineInstrumentation$40.00
BQL-104 - Bender Quadruple Lead
Phentermine 37.5 Mg Online PrescriptionInstrumentation$40.00
SGNH-100 - Sagittal Grip Nut Handle
Buy Phentermine Without RxInstrumentation$40.00
SSHEX-332 - Stainless Steel Hex Key, 3/32 in
Phentermine 50 MgInstrumentation, Instrumentation MINI$6.00
HEX-332 - Hex Key, 3/32 in
Where To Buy Phentermine 375Instrumentation, Instrumentation MINI$1.00