About us

OsteoCertus is a medical device company that develops and markets orthopedic implants for animals. The company was founded in 2015 by an experienced veterinary surgeon and two accomplished engineers in medical device development. OsteoCertus flagship product is the OsTi-Lok system, an all-inclusive system with locked plating, screws, and instruments for animals weighing up to 60 kg. The plates of the system are designed to be reversible, bendable, and configurable, making them very versatile for a wide range of orthopedic procedures. In addition to its implant systems, OsteoCertus also offers a variety of other products, including power tools, drill bits, k-wires, and sterilization cases.


Advance the technology of veterinary orthopedic surgery, improving patient outcomes and making products more affordable.

Value Proposition

The Value Proposition follows directly from the Mission.

Our products and services provide

  • simplified inventory while maximizing surgical possibilities for customer financial benefit
  • reliable results with fewer complications
  • timely and personalized service