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Radius Plate 2.0, MINI


  • This locking plate (PRX20-050) is designed to resist the weight bearing loads for up to 5 kg patients. Specially designed for fractures of the distal Radius bone.
  • This plate can be bend and configured for better alignment to bone on a wide range of fractures.
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Radius Plate OsTi-Lok MINI
Plate Patient Weight Limit (kg) # of Screw Holes # of Compression Holes L=Overall length (mm) P=Fork width (mm) Q=Fork length (mm) T=Max thickness (mm) W=Node width (mm) S=Node spacing (mm)
PRX15-050 3 8 3 46.6 11.6 10.3 1.6 4.6 6
PRX20-050 5 8 3 56.0 14.1 14.5 2.1 4.6 7

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