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OsTi-Lok MINI Super Set

14 Plates 64 Screws + Instruments


The Super OsTi-Lok MINI Set includes 14 plates and 64 screws along with all corresponding system instruments. This configuration is ideal for sites intending on using the set between 2 – 4 times per month, or above average use frequency

Choose Quantity:
Set Includes
High Strength MINI Qty
PX15HS-050 Plate 1.5, High Strength MINI 1
PX20HS-050 Plate 2.0, High Strength MINI 1
Total High Strength MINI 2
19 Hole Plates Qty
PXL15-050 Long Straight Plate 1.5 MINI 2
PXL20-050 Long Straight Plate 2.0 MINI 2
Total 19 Hole Plates 4
Cross Plates Qty
CPX15-050 Cross Plate 1.5 MINI 2
CPX20-050 Cross Plate 2.0 MINI 2
Total Cross Plates 4
Radius Plate Qty
PRX15-050 Radius Plate 1.5, MINI 2
PRX20-050 Radius Plate 2.0, MINI 2
Total Radius Plates 4
Total Plates 14
2.0 Locking Screws Qty
LS20-050-06 Locking Screw, 2.0mm x 6mm 4
LS20-050-08 Locking Screw, 2.0mm x 8mm 4
LS20-050-10 Locking Screw, 2.0mm x 10mm 4
LS20-050-12 Locking Screw, 2.0mm x 12mm 4
LS20-050-14 Locking Screw, 2.0mm x 14mm 2
LS20-050-16 Locking Screw, 2.0mm x 16mm 2
Total 2.0 Locking Screws 20
2.0 Comp Screws Qty
CS20-050-06 Compression Screw, 2.0mm x 6mm 2
CS20-050-08 Compression Screw, 2.0mm x 8mm 2
CS20-050-10 Compression Screw, 2.0mm x 10mm 2
CS20-050-12 Compression Screw 2.0mm x 12mm 2
CS20-050-14 Compression Screw, 2.0mm x 14mm 2
CS20-050-16 Compression Screw, 2.0mm x 16mm 2
Total 2.0 Comp Screws 12
1.5 Locking Screws Qty
LS15-050-06 Locking Screw, 1.5mm x 6mm 4
LS15-050-08 Locking Screw, 1.5mm x 8mm 4
LS15-050-10 Locking Screw, 1.5mm x 10mm 4
LS15-050-12 Locking Screw, 1.5mm x 12mm 4
LS15-050-14 Locking Screw, 1.5mm x 14mm 2
LS15-050-16 Locking Screw, 1.5mm x 16mm 2
Total 1.5 Locking Screws 20
1.5 Comp Screws Qty
CS15-050-06 Compression Screw, 1.5mm x 6mm 2
CS15-050-08 Compression Screw, 1.5mm x 8mm 2
CS15-050-10 Compression Screw, 1.5mm x 10mm 2
CS15-050-12 Compression Screw, 1.5mm x 12mm 2
CS15-050-14 Compression Screw, 1.5mm x 14mm 2
CS15-050-16 Compression Screw, 1.5mm x 16mm 2
Total 1.5 Comp Screws 12
Total Screws 64
Instruments Qty
KW14 K-Wire 14mm x 127mm 2
KW11 K-Wire 11mm x 127mm 2
AOK15-050 AO K-Wire Assembly 1.5, Mini 1
AOK20-050 AO K-Wire Assembly 2.0, Mini 1
SDX-050 Square Driver, Mini 1
SDXShaft Square Driver Shaft, Mini 1
SGM-050 Screw Gauge, Mini 1
DGX-050 Drill Guide, Mini 2
AGNX-050 Angled Grip Nut, Mini 1
GNX-050 Grip Nut, Mini 2
GNH-050 Grip Nut Handle, Mini 2
SBX-050 In-Plane Bender Handle 2
MPX-050 Multipurpose Case, Mini 1
HEX-332 Hex Key, 3/32 in 1
Total Instruments 20
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