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OsTi-Lok Standard Set

9 Plates 120 Screws + Instruments


 The Standard OsTi-Lok Set includes 9 plates and 120 screws along with all corresponding system instruments. This configuration is ideal for sites intending on using the set between 1 – 2 times per month, or average use frequency.

Choose Quantity:
Set Includes
13 Hole Plates Qty
PS-100 Small Plate 0
PM-100 Medium Plate 0
PL-100 Large Plate 0
Total 13 Hole Plates 0
16 Hole Plates Qty
PS16-100 Small Plate 1
PM16-100 Medium Plate 1
PL16-100 Large Plate 1
Total 16 Hole Plates 3
High Strength Plates Qty
PSHS-100 Small Plate 1
PMHS-100 Medium Plate 1
PLHS-100 Large Plate 1
Total High Strength Plates 3
Cross Plates Qty
CPS-100 Small Cross Plate 1
CPM-100 Medium Cross Plate 1
CPL-100 Large Cross Plate 1
Total Cross Plates 3
Total Plates 9
LS 3.5 Screws Qty
LS35-100-10 Locking Screw, 3.5mm x 10mm 2
LS35-100-12 Locking Screw, 3.5mm x 12mm 4
LS35-100-14 Locking Screw, 3.5mm x 14mm 4
LS35-100-16 Locking Screw, 3.5mm x 16mm 6
LS35-100-18 Locking Screw, 3.5mm x 18mm 6
LS35-100-20 Locking Screw, 3.5mm x 20mm 6
LS35-100-22 Locking Screw, 3.5mm x 22mm 6
LS35-100-24 Locking Screw, 3.5mm x 24mm 4
LS35-100-26 Locking Screw, 3.5mm x 26mm 4
LS35-100-28 Locking Screw, 3.5mm x 28mm 2
LS35-100-30 Locking Screw, 3.5mm x 30mm 2
LS35-100-32 Locking Screw, 3.5mm x 32mm 2
LS35-100-34 Locking Screw, 3.5mm x 34mm 2
LS35-100-36 Locking Screw, 3.5mm x 36mm 2
LS35-100-38 Locking Screw, 3.5mm x 38mm 2
LS35-100-40 Locking Screw, 3.5mm x 40mm 2
Total LS 3.5 Screws 56
LS 2.7 Screws Qty
LS27-100-08 Locking Screw, 2.7mm x 08mm 0
LS27-100-10 Locking Screw, 2.7mm x 10mm 4
LS27-100-12 Locking Screw, 2.7mm x 12mm 6
LS27-100-14 Locking Screw, 2.7mm x 14mm 6
LS27-100-16 Locking Screw, 2.7mm x 16mm 6
LS27-100-18 Locking Screw, 2.7mm x 18mm 4
LS27-100-20 Locking Screw, 2.7mm x 20mm 2
LS27-100-22 Locking Screw, 2.7mm x 22mm 2
LS27-100-24 Locking Screw, 2.7mm x 24mm 2
Total LS 2.7 Screws 32
CS 2.7 Screws
CS27-100-10 Compression Screw, 2.7mm x 10mm 2
CS27-100-12 Compression Screw, 2.7mm x 12mm 2
CS27-100-14 Compression Screw, 2.7mm x 14mm 2
CS27-100-16 Compression Screw, 2.7mm x 16mm 2
CS27-100-18 Compression Screw, 2.7mm x 18mm 2
CS27-100-20 Compression Screw, 2.7mm x 20mm 2
CS27-100-22 Compression Screw, 2.7mm x 22mm 2
CS27-100-24 Compression Screw, 2.7mm x 24mm 2
CS27-100-26 Compression Screw, 2.7mm x 26mm 2
CS27-100-28 Compression Screw, 2.7mm x 28mm 2
CS27-100-30 Compression Screw, 2.7mm x 30mm 2
CS27-100-32 Compression Screw, 2.7mm x 32mm 2
CS27-100-34 Compression Screw, 2.7mm x 34mm 2
CS27-100-36 Compression Screw, 2.7mm x 36mm 2
CS27-100-38 Compression Screw, 2.7mm x 38mm 2
CS27-100-40 Compression Screw, 2.7mm x 40mm 2
Total CS 2.7 Screws 32
Total Screws 120
Instruments Qty
AODB27-100 AO Drill Bit for 2.7mm screws 2
AODB35-100 AO Drill Bit for 3.5mm screws 2
SDT10-100 Screwdriver, T10 1
T10SHAFT AO Driver Insert, T10 1
DG-100 Drill Guide 2
SG40-100 Screw Gage, 40mm 1
BDL-100 Cross Node Bender 1
AGNS-100 Angled Grip Nut, Small 1
AGNM-100 Angled Grip Nut, Medium 1
AGNL-100 Angled Grip Nut, Large 1
GNH-100 Grip Nut Handle 4
GNS-100 Grip Nut, Small 2
GNM-100 Grip Nut, Medium 2
GNL-100 Grip Nut, Large 2
SGNH-100 Sagittal Grip Nut Handle 2
HEX-332 Hex Key, 3/32 in 1
MPK-100 OsTi-Lok Tray 1
Total Instruments 27
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